About Quick Time Video Samples:

We have provided Quick Time Video Samples for a number
of our videos so that you could have a better idea of the
contents of each video before you order.

To view these video samples, you will need to download a
copy of the Quick Time player, which is available FREE at:


Just click on the upper left section of the page, where it says
"Download the free player."

Once the player is installed in your computer, you can click where it says "View QuickTime sample" next to many of the videos available at the SavoyStyle Swing Dance Shop. It will take a few  minutes for the video sample to download. It will then play for 15 to 30 seconds, depending on the video.

After you have viewed the video, click on where it says "Back" on your browser to return to the page you were last viewing. In fact, you can do that right now!