Learn the Lindy Hop from the master
The Frankie Manning Collection 

Broadcast quality instructional dance videos   -  $29.95 each

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Savoy style Lindy Hop Instructional videos 

Vol. 1, 2, & 3
Learn the original swing dance, popularized as the Jitterbug, taught by  original Lindy Hopper and indisputable master, Frank Manning with Erin Stevens. $29.95 each 40,47 and 57min

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Vol. 4-Shim Sham Instructional video 

Learn to dance this classic swing/tap line dance from the '30s and '40s, now popular everywhere swing is danced. Taught by Frank Manning and Erin Stevens. $29.95  42 min
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Vol. 5-Swingin' at the Savoy  Frankie Manning's Story  25min


"Like spending an evening with Frankie." In intimate portrait of the remarkable 83-year-old lindy hopper who loves to spread happiness through dancing. Historic photos, recollections and reflections. A joyous experience!  $29.95


Also available, on CD and cassette...

Really Swingin' Frankie Manning's Big Band Favorites Really Swingin' lets you dance to the same bands and the same music that drove and inspired the original Lindy Hoppers in the 30's and 40's. Swing music doesn't get any better than this! Length/Tempos: 64 minutes, 130-190 bpm. $15
The sizzling swing hits on this disc are: 
  • Shiny Stockings - Count Basie 
  • Swingin' at Newport - Count Basie 
  • Jersey Bounce - Benny Goodman 
  • T'aint What You Do - Jimmie Lunceford 
  • Begin the Beguine - Artie Shaw 
  • Hamp's Boogie Woogie - Lionel Hampton 
  • Let's Get Together - Duke Ellington 
  • Tuxedo Junction - Erskine Hawkins 
  • Segue in C - Duke Ellington & Count Basie 
  • Posin' - Jimmie Lunceford 
  • In the Mood - Glenn Miller 
  • Tippin' In - Erskine Hawkins 
  • Flying Home - Lionel Hampton 
  • Take the "A" Train - Duke Ellington 
  • One O'Clock Jump - Count Basie 
  • Corner Pocket - Count Basie 

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Contents of the Instructional Videos

The Frankie Manning Collection

Description of Moves
Instructional Videotapes 1-4

 Frankie Manning and Erin Stevens dance each move at normal speed, then follow with detailed instructions, and finally dance in slow motion. A review follows each section.
Tape 1: Beginning Lindy Hop (Length:39:45)

 Section 1 

The Basics 

  • Swing out from open position
  • Lindy circle
  • Swing out from closed position
Section 2 
  • Charleston
  • Heels

  • Kick away
Tape 2: Intermediate Lindy Hop (Length: 47:15)

 Section 1 

  • Options on the basic
  • Pecking
  • Double turn
Section 2 
  • Hand shake behind the back
  • Hand to hand Charleston
  • Mini dip
Section 3 
  • Glide to the side and shake time
  • Slip slop

  • Around the world with points
Tape 3: Advanced Lindy Hop (Length: 57:15)

 Section 1 

  • Scissors
  • Rock step
Section 2 
  • Push around
  • Kick around
  • Heels into sailor step
Section 3 
  • Double turn
  • Back Charleston with a turn
Section 4 
  • Hand shake behind the back with a quick turn Flying Charleston
  • Low down
  • Thigh slap and shoulder rock

  • Pimp walk and fish tail
Tape 4: Shim Sham (Length: 42:15)

 Section 1 

  • The break
  • The Shim Sham step
Section 2 
  • Push and cross over
  • Tacky Ann
Section 3 
  • Half break
Section 4 
  • Freeze break
  • Boogie back
  • Boogie forward

  • Shorty George