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First Generation:
  Shorty George 
  Leroy Stretch Jones
  Twistmouth George

Swingin' at the Savoy

Not to be confused with the book by the same name by original Lindy Hopper Norma Miller. I guess the name was too good to resist!
The Golden Age:  
Whitey's Lindy Hprs.
Frankie Manning
Norma Miller 
Sandra Gibson
Ann Johnson
Dorothy  Johnson
Norma Miller
Al Minns
Frankie Manning
Mildred Pollard
Billy Ricker
Willa Mae Ricker
Russell Williams 
 After Seben
The Big Apple
Call Of The Jitterbug 
Can't Top the Lindy H
Cootie Williams
Produced by Living Traditions, the people responsible for the very successful Lindy Hop revival in Seattle, this recent documentary provides an intimate glimpse of Lindy Hopper Frank Manning. Frankie shares his recollections and reflections.His warmth and humanity come through, his serious side and his irresistible smile. Historic material in the video consists of photoraphs from Frankie's personal scrapbook. Unfortunately, there are no old filmclips. However, the dancing clips shown feature exciting recent events, such as Can't Top the Lindy Hop, Frankie Manning's 80th birthday celebration in New York. 

Available thru SavoyStyle Swing Dance Shop.

Written and researched by Judy Pritchett with Frankie Manning (C)1995,1996,1997. May be reproduced only with explicit written permission. Last updated:1 September 1997.Send your suggestions, corrections or comments to This Archive is also part of the World Lindy Hop Federation Archives maintained by Keith Hughes.