Lindy Hop, the original Swing Dance


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First Generation:
Shorty George
Leroy Stretch Jone
Twistmouth George
The  Golden Age:
Whitey's Lindy Hprs.
Sandra Gibson
George Grenidge
Leon James
Ann Johnson


Al Minns 

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One of the great dancers of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers, Al Minns was an energetic dancer with a wild, crazy-leg style reminiscent of "Long-Legged George" Grenidge. Minns was in Whitey's top group, known as The Harlem Congaroos and apppeared in the feature film Hellzapoppin' and in the popular soundie Hot Chocolates.  As the youngest dancer in this group, he was particularly fit and flexible. On the initial backstep of his swingout, he formed a striking horizontal plane. 

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Al Minns
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Minns continued to perform Lindy Hop and jazz dance with James thru the fifties and sixties. They both feature prominently in Mura Dehn's The Spirit Moves, in solo and duet performance. They performed in nightclubs, worked the college campus circuit with Marshall Stearns, and also made a number of TV appearances.
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  Vintage Videos
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  Frankie Manning CD
  Norma Miller Book
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