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First Generation:
Shorty George
Leroy Stretch Jones
Twistmouth George

The Golden Age:
Whitey's Lindy Hprs.
Sandra Gibson
George Grenidge
Leon James

     Swing Kids
          Directed by Thomas Carter

The Lindy Hop scenes in Swing Kids were choreographed under Otis Sallid by Ryan Francois, a very talented young Lindy Hopper at the time. Sallid met Francois while both were working on the Savoy Ballroom scene in the film Malcolm X Both of these films have had an important influence on the revival of swing music and dancing among young people.

Ann Johnson
Dorothy  Johnson
Norma Miller
Al Minns
Frankie Manning
Billy Ricker
Willa Mae Ricker
Russell Williams

 After Seben
The Big Apple
Call Of The Jitterbug
Can't Top the LHop
Cootie Williams
Day At The Races 
Chicago &
All That Jazz 
Frankie Manning
 Instructional Videos 
Hot Chocolates 
Jammin'the Blues 
Jittering Jitterbugs
Killer Diller 
Malcolm X 
Queen of Swing
Radio City Revels
The Spirit Moves
Stompin' at theSavoy 
Swing Kids
Swingin'at the Savoy
Symphony in Black

Vintage Videos
Instructional Videos

This  feature film is based on the true story of the role that jazz music and dancing  played in Nazi Germany. The German teenager's unabashed admiration
for the likes of Louis Armstrong, a Black, Benny Goodman, a Jew, and Django Rinehart, a Gypsy , was in direct defiance of the Nazis and their drive for "pure" Aryan dominance. 

          This video is no longer available commercially in the US.

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