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Killer Diller 

All-American News

     Director: Josh Binney
     Producer: E. M. Glucksman 
     Story/Screenplay: Hal Seeger
     Photographer: Lester Lang 
     Editor: L. Hesse 
     Music: Rene J. Hall. 
     73 mins., black & white, 35mm. 
     FGC 2380-83

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Thanks to Wayne Blair of Brisbane, Australia for the picture of this wonderful original film poster.

After Seben
Ask Uncle Sol
The Big Apple
Call Of The Jitterbug
Can't Top the LHop
Cootie Williams
Day At The Races 
Chicago &
All That Jazz
Frankie Manning
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Vintage Videos
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he Congaroo Dancers do a Lindy Hop routine next to a prop palm tree. They dance extremely fast with excellent execution to the music of Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy. This dance scene from Killer Diller can be found on the DVD collection Jammin' with the Greats at SavoyStyle.

Killer Diller is a film recreation of a
n all-black musical variety show,
with the story of a magician who does disappearing acts tying together the program. Includes performances by the Clark Brothers, the Nat "King" Cole Trio (with Oscar Moore and Johnny Miller), Dusty "Open the Door, Richard" Fletcher,  Andy Kirk and his Band, the Congeroo Dancers, Jackie "Moms" Mabley, Butterfly McQueen, Beverly White and George Wiltshire.  Numbers include "Ain't Misbehavin'," "Breezy and the Bass," "Don't
Sit on My Bed," "I Believe," "If I Didn't Care," "Now He Tells Me" and "Ooh Kick a Rooney." 



The Congaroo Dancers 
   Lindy Hop

Frankie Manning 
Ann Johnson
Willa Mae Ricker
Russell Williams  

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